Based in Mexico City CAALIOPE has ready access to a wide variety of experienced male and female voice actors of all ages.


Caaliope is a company specializing in spanish language dubbing and subtitling of audiovisual materials as well as the production and distribution of television programming.

No matter the original language, CAALIOPE is equipped to deliver a flawlessly dubbed program whether on film, or for television, even institutional productions. Past projects have included translations from English, Korean, Chinese (Cantonese, and Mandarin,) Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabian,etc.

CAALIOPE is associated with dubbing studios located in the United States and Brazil thus enabling us to deliver top quality English-Language Dubbing and Portuguese Language Dubbing.

Whether it is English or Portuguese, the dubbing is done in the country where the target language is spoken thereby assuring optimum linguistic quality.

All English dubbing is done in the United States with U.S. talent. All Portuguese dubbing is done in Brazil with brazilian talent.

Mexican actors, directors, translators and adapters of all media, are the heirs of a long tradition of talent that has made the dubbing produced in this country, one of the most recognized in the world for its professionalism and affordability.

Caaliopeu2019s studios have been designed and built specifically for dubbing production, using the highest technological standards in materials and equipment.

Our studio is a ship that travels in the universe of creativity


Alicia Flores
Carlos Su00e1nchez