Caaliope offers all the different processes available to turn any language into Spanish, following rigorous international standards.

Dubbing into Spanish (LAS)

From any language into Spanish, made in Mexico City.

Dubbing into English and Portuguese

Caaliope has strong partnerships with studios in USA and Brazil, that guarantee the quality of the original language.

Caaliope studios can produce materials for TV, stage and movie theaters.

Dubbing of songs

From any language into Spanish, English and Portuguese

Services of Post-production of audio
2.1, 5.1, 7.1
Production of M&E


From any language into Spanish, with clear semantics, maintaining the original intention and emphasis.

Specialized translators produce high quality translations.

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From any language into Spanish according to international standards.

Production for

the film industry, TV, stage and commercials in the following genres: fiction, lifestyle, news, opinion and advertising, in the national and pan-regional arena.


Of films, series and soap operas for the Mexican territory (exclusive catalogs shared among strategic alliances)